The Vedas say that any sound you vibrate circles the planet seven times — wild, huh?!

Om Yourself inspires us to keep consciously radiating the spiritual vibration as much as possible through chanting and meditating on mantras. This is a simple but PROFOUND practice that anyone can incorporate in their life in a way that feels right.

The more spiritual, transcendental, all-auspicious, blessing-filled, heart-purifying, mind-expanding and soul-awakening sound vibration we can create in the world, the more all beings will be affected by it. Sound is powerful. Spiritual sound of the ancient Sanskrit mantras even more so. Your act of meditation is compassion in action.

Om Yourself - Vishnu

My name is Bhakti Kulmala and I’m a web designer, art maker, blogger, photographer and an all-around vision-tangible-izer. And a faery princess. But most of all, I love to om myself.

Meditation has been a part of my life since I was a teenager. I read most of the eastern religion books at my local library in a small town in Finland where I grew up, trying to figure life out – who am I, why am I, etcetera ad infinitum. Eventually the philosophy of Bhagavad-gita and practice of bhakti yoga (loving, devotional service) put me on the path of serious discovery and small enlightenments that changed my life.

Before settling down in Las Vegas with my elven husband Daniel, I lived in an ashram in Helsinki for five years, spent time studying Sanskrit and spiritual wisdom in India, taught Hinduism and Vaishnavism to elementary & high school students in Finland, toured the USA for four years organizing meditation & kirtana workshops, and sold spiritual books (and hula hoops I made… and seashells I collected & wrote messages in…but that’s maybe besides the point). UPDATE: We moved to Finland! In July 2015! 

In the heart of it all was and is mantra meditation, a beloved part of my daily life. Through Om Yourself I want share what I’ve learnt and experienced over a decade of practice & study and provide meditation inspiration to stay love-filled, free, blissful & blessed!

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