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Om Meditation in 3 Simple Steps

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Let’s not make this less easy than it is, folks. For om meditation, all you need to do is vibrate the sacred sound aum. Like, say om. Speak the mantra out loud. Hum it, sing it, shout it, chant it, whisper it. Om yourself. You can be anywhere. Any time. Any species.* That’s right – great spiritual teachers and yogis of the yore have almost always opted to meditate outside in the nature. Like this guy:

Om meditation in 3 simple steps

One of the reasons to meditate outside is that then you’re not “hogging” the spiritual benefits of mantra meditation to yourself, but you’re sharing them with any and all beings who hear you, and hear the vibration of the mantra. The atmas or souls of ants and plants will benefit from the vibration and the mantra will purify not just your consciousness but it will act on the consciousness of anyone who hears it. POWERFUL STUFF!

3 simple steps to om meditation:

1. For best focus, it helps to have a peaceful, dedicated spot for meditation. Maybe some candles, incense, flowers, pictures that inspire you. A pillow or cute little mat to sit on won’t hurt.

2. Sit whichever way feels best to you. Don’t slouch obviously but don’t psyche yourself out either by thinking you need to sit straight like a yogi with legs in lotus position (unless that’s what’s comfortable for you of course). Bring your palms to your chest like ‘namaste’ or rest them on your legs. Sometimes I hold crystals in my hands because it makes me feel like a supergoddess magicfaery.

3. Softly start chanting the om/aum mantra out loud. Its three sounds are pronounced: ‘Aaahhhh’, ‘ooohhh’, ‘mmmmm’. Repeat it as many times as you wish. Feel free to keep your eyes closed. Don’t worry about your thoughts. Kind of ignore ’em. Like you’re a honeybadger doing your thang. You don’t give a sh#t about what anyone thinks, or what thoughts try to capture your attention. Just listen to the mantra. Eat it up with your ears.

Ahhh so simple! I always end my meditation with a thank you and a bow. Like, nose to the floor, bowing down in gratitude and humility and love kind of bow.

Want to know more about om?

You can read about the meaning & philosophy of om here.

* Yeah yeah ok ok I get it. Animals or maple trees can’t chant mantras per say. But the life force/atma/soul inside them will hear it. Hearing a transcendental sound vibration aligns you with transcendence, burns away your karma, spiritualizes you. In maple tree’s case, due to spiritual progress she made just by hearing someone chant potent mantras under her branches, maybe in her next life she’ll be born as Deepak Chopra’s niece and continue the path of self-realization in an environment that supports meditation, instead of being born as a palm tree on an island off the coast of Florida with a bunch of tree-karma left to burn in various tree-oriented lifetimes. You know?

Om Yourself - om mantra meditation in 3 steps

Roxy desert meditation photo: By me (Bhakti)
Palm tree photo: from here, I edited


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